Here is how I will reason out my vote for this election. If you do not have a position yet…Hopefully this will help.



Here is how I will reason out my vote for this election. If you do not have a position yet…Hopefully this will help.

Life -vs- Death

Over 1 million lives are aborted each year.

My story.
I want to give a little context to my life and why I feel the way I do about this issue.

I have never been faced directly with the decision of abortion. But I do remember the fear and the wave of emotions of the possibility of this choice. I lost my virginity at an early age and throughout my younger years, I can remember multiple times when her cycle was late and the thought of a baby in my arms did not sound optimal for many reasons. I remember the heaviness of knowing that having a baby would mean I would have to quit school, all my extra curricular activities, get a job and be a man. I remember worrying about my future and how it could be forever shifted. I remember thinking about the shame of having a baby at an early age and out of marriage. From what I had witnessed with similar situations, the stigma was just really embarrassing to both the baby’s parents and grandparents. In my mind, it almost declared a stamp on one’s head, “you’re a failure.” I was never presented with the reality of a pregnancy out of marriage. However, if this had occurred, I’m not positive that I would have been strong or informed enough to make the decision to have my baby. I was just too scared, too selfish, too young and too uninformed. So the context of my premise is that I have absolutely no judgment for those who have made this choice.

I had the great opportunity to serve Mr. Zig Ziglar as his personal assistant. I drove for him and travelled with him to different talks across the nation. In the beginning of 2007, Mr. Ziglar and his wonderful family began to plan a platform to begin utilizing his influence to speak about the difficulties of abortion. At the age of 80, he still had much to say!
In 1972, right here in our beloved Dallas, Roe vs Wade was decided upon. This decision would forever impact Mr. Ziglar’s family. We had a very strong inkling that the credibility, fame and influence that Zig Ziglar had built in his 32 books and years of training others, could actually be for the greater purpose of this movement and this moment. Mr. Ziglar knew first hand about the devastation of abortions. The behind the scene arrangements and connections were getting set up to shed some light on this very complex issue in our culture.
We have no doubt that this was indeed a spiritual battle and it would not come easy. That battle soon presented itself close to home.
In March of 2007, we returned from Fresno,CA from a great event where Mr. Ziglar rock the staged in the way only he could. I dropped him off at his house, carried in the luggage and let him know I would be back in the morning to carry out our normal routine. I drove home and connected with my family and sat down. But just a few short hours later, I received a phone call that would change many things as we moved forward. Mr. Ziglar fell down an entire flight of stairs in his home. It was a very bad situation in which he had taken a direct hit to his head. He was rushed to the hospital. I remember hustling up the hospital wondering where the future was taking this great man of God. The rest of this story is documented in his book titled, Embrace the Struggle. The recovery was quite intensive and for a season, silenced the attack on the devastation of the abortion industry.

As I served Mr. Ziglar, I also worked at a local church and helped build a local charity that helped hard working people. As I contemplated the thought of Mr. Ziglar and his great desire to bring truth about abortions, I wondered and often prayed about the reasons this had happened. Was this a setup for me and others to see what we could do to change the law on abortions? Was I personally called to do something more? I began doing extensive research on the issue. I had thoughts of being in Washington and discussing the points. I just knew that I could persuade anyone to see the problems that occurred in this industry. Then one night I was praying and the Lord asked me a very troubling question. “How are you going to change the minds in Washington when the person sitting next to you is hurting from an abortion?” I am not Zig Ziglar and have no influence on the world at large. But I thought about this and created a plan that would allow me to see the intimate details of the hurt and pain that occurs from abortions.
Soon I launched a post abortion recovery program at our church with the help of some amazing people. Our launch was set and I was going to have to ladies come and share their story about abortions. The first was Carol Everett, who was the person who ran and operated the original abortion clinics in Dallas after Roe vs Wade. She was later confronted with the truth of the devastation she helped with and turned away from clinics. She went on to write a book called Blood Money. The other person was Julie Ziglar Norman who is the daughter of Mr. Ziglar. Her life has been impacted by abortions. She has since spoken all over the nation about the troubling affects abortions have on the people who have participated in these procedures. On this night the 2 ladies spoke to a crowd that was under 70 people. This was huge since it’s very difficult to show up at an event that is discussing one of the biggest secrets that people carry around with them for their whole life. After Carol spoke she asked the people in attendance to come on see her if they had had an abortion in Dallas between 1972 and into the 1980’s when her clinics were running. She wanted to apologize to them since one of her clinics most likely performed the procedure during this time. The line of people went out of the room and she sat there and hugged and cried with each of them.
This was the moment that I knew something was happening but didn’t know exactly what. We launched a post abortion recovery class and began to have ladies participate in a multi step curriculum that walks them through the recovery process. We offered this for as long as I was associated with the church and had ladies and men go through it. It helped the m forgive themselves for something for which they felt there was no forgiveness. What I found with almost all of the participants were the profound difficulties moving beyond the day of their procedure. The amount of guilt and shame was paralyzing. They wondered about their baby many times and wondered what they would have looked like, their personality, etc. The longing was undeniable. One aspect of the program was that the mother would name the baby and have a memorial. This with the other steps that they took, allowed them to move forward and release the heaviness of that day. I have watched these men and women come in with despair and walk out with freedom. They know that they will see their baby again in Heaven.
The point of me explaining my experience is to share what I have seen first hand from the affects abortions have on people. The people that pay for or have the procedure are never the same. The devastating affects are life long if they do not reach out to the Lord for the forgiveness that only he can give to us. And they must forgive themselves!

Election 2016

A Purpose of the Election
In this election we have very polarizing characters. I urge you not to look at the character but to look at the issue that is at stake. We have an opportunity to eliminate the government funding of abortions. The supreme court justices chosen these next years will impact decisions for generations to come. If you could help your brother and sister so they could live without the heinous after effects of the abortion, would you? If you could save over a million lives would you? You have this ability when you cast your vote in less than 20 days. Please read each party’s platform and make an informed decision that will allow life to live.

I want to say that I’m not perfect and do not suppose that I will be without blame in the future. I am not trying to exposing anyone or condemn them if they had or participated in an abortion. Grace and mercy are yours. I stand with you and will pray for you if you would like. I will also help you find a community that will help you recover from the negative affects of an abortion.

I believe this issue is bigger that any person or party during this election. I have added the 2 party’s platform so you can read them and choose wisely.

Thank you for allow me to share something that has been meaningful to me and hope it helps you.

Jay Hellwig

Republican Platform-[1]-ben_1468872234.pdf

Democratic Platform-

Julie Ziglar Norman-

How many Abortions happen in a year?

3 thoughts on “Here is how I will reason out my vote for this election. If you do not have a position yet…Hopefully this will help.

  1. I agree. But abortion is not the only issue at stake. What of the issue of gun control?? The kids that were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. I believe it’s hypocritical to focus on what WE want to focus on. Both parties have their pros and cons and pastors should not focus on just marriage and abortion! Just my two cents.

    • Jay, I commend you for sharing your story. I hope more men who have your same thoughts or stories that are similar will come forward.

      To Oyin: Those that truly want access to guns will get them…the issue is not gun control, it’s mental illness.

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